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Jane Liu

Senior Manager | China

Jane Liu has worked in Corporate Social Responsibility for more than 14 years, working in a wide range of functions including auditing, consulting and research. Jane has worked with SAI for over 12 years, supporting training, capacity building, and stakeholder engagement initiatives in China. She joined SAI full-time in 2019. Before joining SAI China, Jane was Programme Director and Assistant Executive Director at the Institute of Contemporary Observation (ICO). Additionally, Jane has worked in 12 different cities across China as a trainer for the International Labor Standards Advocacy Project, published the ICO’s China Labor Research Newsletter, and conducted worker education projects for more than 40,000 workers, 1,500 line supervisors, and 3,000 managers in nearly 500 factories. Her clients have included many major international brands and retailers, such as Walmart, Nike, DuPont, and Tchibo. Since 2015, Jane has served as a dialogue training facilitator on labor relations for the All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) Shenzhen.

Jane holds two master’s degrees—in Journalism and in Design Art and Information Design—from Sichuan University and Kyushu University, respectively. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Culture from Sichuan International Studies University.