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Murali Subramanian

Manager – Capacity Building and Outreach | India

As Manager – Capacity Building and Outreach, India, Muralidharan (Murali) Subramanian works across departments to support and further develop SAI strategy to enhance our mission and efforts in India. He manages various aspects of SA8000 in India: advancing uptake, supporting and expanding capacity building programs for certified and non-certified companies, and supporting training for auditors and other stakeholders. Additionally, he supports and works to expand corporate and strategic programs in India.

Murali brings with him over 30 years of expertise in the field of management systems auditing and training within quality, health and safety, energy, food safety, environmental and social sectors. He joins us most recently from a role at RINA as Manager for Ethical Audits and Training where he was a Scheme Manager for SA8000 and other ethical certifications (WRAP and Sedex) and a Lead Trainer for the SA8000 Auditor Course, in addition to his many other responsibilities. He has previously served as a Management Systems Lead Auditor for BVCS (known now as BVQI). He is a Metallurgical Engineer and a Post Graduate in Environmental Management.