E-learning Course: Assessing Current Wages

The e-learning course Assessing Current Wages is designed to help participants conduct wage assessments for the SA8000 certification system. The course provides step-by-step guidance on the following topics:
  • collecting data on current wages
  • analyzing wage structures
  • types of items that can and cannot be included as part of a wage
  • in-kind benefits and bonuses
  • using SAI’s wage assessment tool
This course provides access to SAI’s official wage assessment tool along with resources, including a wage reference document with additional information on wage assessment and a useful case study examined during the course.
Participants should expect to be actively engaged throughout entire e-learning course in order to fulfill the expected learning outcomes. The course includes interactive quizzes and a final exam.
For any questions regarding the current wage or living wage e-learning courses, please contact wages@sa-intl.org

Fee: USD150* (credit card only)
Duration: Appr. 2.5 hours

Notice for SA8000 Auditors: The e-learning course is classified as structured learning in SAAS Procedure 305, Continuing Education Framework. It counts for 2.5 Continuing Education credits. In order to earn the Continuing Education credits, auditors and certification bodies are required to keep the automatically generated record of course completion on file.

*This e-learning course includes complimentary access to the e-learning course Living Wage – Making It a Reality as part of a course bundle. In the shopping cart, the course will be called 'Assessing Current Wage and Living Wage – Making It a Reality Bundle.'