Follow-Up Webinars: Assessing Current Wages

SAI is ready to answer any questions related to the current wages e-learning course – in particular relating to the interpretation and application of current wages. SAI will conduct six live webinars between September and November to address questions by certification bodies and auditors. These follow-up webinars will also cover more details on the application of the SAI Wage Assessment tool. SAI strongly recommends that all SA8000 auditors attend at least one of the follow-up webinars. Dates & times for the follow-up webinars are listed below.

Webinar 1: September 5th

Webinar 2: September 6th

Webinar 3: October 3rd

Webinar 4: October 4th

Webinar 5: November 7th

Webinar 6: November 8th

Webinar 7: December 5th

Webinar 8: December 6th

We recommend you join the meeting through your computer. This will allow you to stream the audio and visual content.

If you must dial-in, please see numbers below (note: we do not have dial-in numbers for all countries. If your number is not listed, you must join the meeting through your computer).

Participant Dial-In Numbers

U.S. Toll: 303.248.0285
Brazil: 01149497302 (Toll)
Canada: 6477226839 (Toll)
Dominican Republic: 18299478931 (Toll)
Hong Kong: 30508615 (Toll)
India: 4466529327 (Toll)
Italy: 0200617739 (Toll)
Japan: 0350501292 (Toll)
Malaysia: 0362074647 (Toll)
Mexico: 5547381649 (Toll)
United Kingdom: 02070844345 (Toll)
United States: 3032480285 (Toll)

Access Code: 3913880

If you have any questions, please email