TenSquared Turkey Survey Results

Outcomes Show Workers Believe the Project Benefited All
Labor Link survey results reveal that nearly all responding workers who are aware of their factory's health and safety project believe it benefited everyone at the factory.
The majority of workers were aware of their factory's TenSquared health and safety project while the project was ongoing (Day 85), and that awareness remained high after the project's end. This suggests a high level of worker engagement in the TenSquared project.
Key findings include:
OHS projects had widespread benefits Majority of respondents believe management became more open to worker suggestions
Nearly all respondents think the project benefits at least some workers. 90% say all workers benefit from the project By Day 150, 76% of respondents believe that management is very open to worker suggestions
  • Most respondents have participated in health and safety improvement efforts at their factory since the conclusion of the 100-day project. This may be the result of increased worker engagement since the project launch.
  • Priorities for possible future projects vary by factory, but accident prevention seems to be an important topic to address at most of the participating factories.
  • Survey results show a perceived increase in management's openness to worker suggestions from before the project launch to Day 85. Day 150 survey results suggest that these gains were sustained after the close of the project.
TenSquared partnered with the Labor Link platform to survey workers at factories in Turkey at Day 85, during the project, and at Day 150, after each 100-day project was completed.
For more information about the TenSquared program, please view our web page at www.sa-intl.org/TenSquared

September 2015