Why We Dedicate Our Lives to Human Rights at Work

Senior Manager of Corporate Programs, Christie Daly, on Work with SAI
Christie Daly SAI
I have been passionate about human rights for as long as I can remember, spending many summers and school vacations while growing up volunteering and trying to find ways to give back and contribute to my community. I think that passion was solidified during college, as an International Relations major taking a course on Ethnic Conflicts. Researching and writing about atrocities on scales that I hadn't previously computed changed the course of my studies, and eventually my career.  When I finally made the move to NYU for graduate school to focus international relations and human rights, I was particularly drawn to investigating the vast array of actors responsible for violating, protecting, and promoting the human rights of people everywhere, especially where these actors are one in the same - governments, individuals, corporations, in particular.  After spending a year writing my master's thesis on the intersection of business and human rights and the genesis of modern day CSR, I became fascinated by the undeniable influence of the corporate sector to do both extreme harm and incredible good.  At that point, I decided I needed to focus my career on steering the vast corporate ship towards the path of doing good, creating a lasting positive impact in the lives of workers around the world.
I was thrilled to begin working at SAI right out of graduate school, and the last six years here have been full of profoundly valuable learning experiences.  I feel lucky to come to work every day to an inspiring and challenging workplace, surrounded by a team of incredibly driven and dedicated colleagues.  Corporations are undeniably some of the most influential global powers, and their potential for positive impact and improving people's lives around is boundless - this is why I dedicate my career to human rights and CSR.  
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September 2015