Update on TenSquared in Turkey

100-Day Projects Completed
Team! Goal! Process! Chanting these TenSquared principles, the first nine worker-manager teams in our TenSquared: Turkey worker engagement program have completed their 100-day TenSquared projects, and the results are exciting and inspiring. These teams have worked hard over the last 100 days to reach "unreasonable but believable" goals, making ambitious, measureable, sustainable changes in their workplaces. The teams hail from a wide range of companies in diverse industries. Open application and participation is made possible through the generous support of the Walt Disney Company's Supply Chain Investment Program.
Examples of the teams' results:
  • 70% reduction in high-level electric fire risk
  • 70% reduction of limb trauma accidents
  • 500% increase in gas leak identification calls (previously 0% of workers reported gas leaks, leading to significant H & S risks and loss of money)
  • Elimination of slip and fall accidents
  • 25% reduction in time for complete evacuation of factory in fire emergencies and increased emergency preparedness

Along with the tangible results listed above, this program also strengthens the relationship and communication channels between workers and managers. Below are some quotes from our worker-manager teams in Turkey.

"Both workers and managers are responsible for solving this problem [Emergency Preparedness and Response). Workers and managers are on the same level, we are on the same side and the same team so we will continue to freely share our ideas"
"One day a worker wanted to talk to us [TenSquared team] individually. He wanted to thank us for our efforts during the project and told us that for the first time he was asked for his opinion in the workplace. This was a big lesson for us as a team - we asked ourselves "Why have we waited until today to be asking workers for their input?"
"Not only did we change the perspectives of our colleagues about the importance of identifying and reporting gas leaks, and training them how to do so - we also established a communication and dialogue process between management and workers."
TenSquared is a joint initiative between Social Accountability International (SAI) and the Rapid Results Institute (RRI) that focuses on improving health and safety standards by engaging workers and managers and unleashing innovation. By bringing together workers and managers to identify challenge areas and create tangible goals to be achieved within a 100-day timeline, the TenSquared method has proven to help participating facilities quickly and effectively improve labor conditions. In Turkey, SAI and RRI have partnered with the AKUT Institute to run this project.
As the first two waves of nine teams attained their goals in July, we launched Wave 3 in Istanbul with 5 companies. This wave includes facilities from the electronics, elevator, fruit juice, and textile industries. Worker-manager teams identified goals in Emergency Preparedness & Evacuation, Ergonomics, Accident Prevention and Fire Prevention challenge areas.
Wave 4 is scheduled to launch in October, Wave 5 in December and Wave 6 in January. If you are interested in participating in this groundbreaking program, please contact SAI Senior Program Manager, Stephanie Wilson at swilson@sa-intl.org.
For information on the TenSquared program, click here

August 2015