Why We Dedicate Our Lives to Human Rights at Work

Social Certification Program Coordinator Tess Bone on Work with SAAS
 As a young person, I questioned the inequality I saw in my community and beyond. I went on to explore issues of homelessness in the US, economic underdevelopment abroad and the conditions for sustainable peace. I studied the concept of local empowerment in development work, and later joined an NGO promoting rural development through social entrepreneurship in Central and South America.
During this time, I was exposed to issues of business and human rights in the communities I visited. I realized that this was, for me, the key issue of our increasingly globalized world: the potential of business to advance and to improve people's lives, while at the same time the risk (and far too often reality) of negative human rights impacts. I decided to pursue this field, and returned to the United States for my Master of International Affairs from Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs  with a concentration in human rights.
I was drawn to SAI and SAAS for their unique approach and long track record improving human rights in the supply chain. I found the multi-stakeholder, multi-faceted approach compelling, and knew that I had a lot to learn here. Since joining SAAS nearly a year ago, I am continually amazed by the dedication and knowledge of our team both at HQ and in the field. I am proud to be part of this team and the work that we do.
*SAAS is an independent organization that oversees the accreditation and certification to the SA8000 Standard. For more information on SAAS, please see their website here.  
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