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Auditing for Fire Safety in the SA8000 and BSCI Systems

This webinar is designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of SA8000 and BSCI auditors in fire safety, providing them with guidance on auditing against the occupational health and safety requirements of the SA8000® Standard and the BSCI Code of Conduct. The webinar covers the following topics:

  • Fire prevention as part of SA8000 and BSCI health and safety requirements
  • Fire evacuation planning as part of SA8000 and BSCI requirements
  • Management systems required for fire prevention and evacuation to meet SA8000 and BSCI performance criteria
  • Identifying high-risk situations
  • Fire Safety Checklist

SAI developed the Fire Safety Checklist based on a review of existing fire safety materials, including that of the International Labour Organization. The checklist identifies opportunities for fire safety improvement in audited workplaces, and it is also available in Chinese and Spanish.

This course was developed by SAI’s Senior Lead Trainer and Adviser Doug DeRuisseau and Lead Trainer and Fire Safety Expert Dundar Sahin.

Fee: USD50 (credit card only)
Duration: 90 minutes