SAI and SAAS 2015 Summer Interns

Why Do They Work for Human Rights at Work?

Tasneem Ahmed 

I am a rising junior at the University of Connecticut majoring in economics and human rights. My particular interests focus on economic development and labor rights of workers worldwide. My passion for such issues stems from having witnessed extreme poverty and hardships of the underprivileged in Bangladesh. The numerous political obstacles often hindering economic development in underdeveloped countries like Bangladesh, combined with the growing power of multinational corporations in the international arena, is what makes me believe that corporations partnered with NGO's have the capacity to make a significant change in the world. This realization is what drives me to want to focus my future career on corporate social responsibility and is what brought me to SAI.


SAI's focus on taking conversation and awareness to the next level through implementation is what specifically excites me about interning for SAI. This summer, I will be working with the various departments at SAI to help to create a standalone and prerequisite course for SAI's Basic Course, create a training manual for our course trainers worldwide, analyze data on certified facilities for strategic planning and various other SA8000:2014 Revision related projects. I am especially inspired by the passion and drive of everyone at SAI to improve the lives of workers worldwide and am excited to develop my knowledge and understanding of CSR this summer!


Charles Wong

I am currently a rising junior pursuing a double major in Global Studies and Politics with a double minor in Communication Design and Chinese Studies at The New School. As a Global Studies major who has a keen interest in the study of economic progression in developing countries, I believe working for SAI can further educate me on the complexity of supply chains and the management of corporate responsibilities. I am working with Alicia Mara as the marketing and communication intern to help generate more awareness for SAI and am responsible for managing their monthly newsletter, social media platforms, and researching new creative ways to engage with their audience.



Simone Liano 

I am a rising junior at Wellesley College, studying Neuroscience and Economics. I have become increasingly interested in socially responsible business practices over the past year and am excited to learn about how to implement positive change through partnerships between businesses and nonprofit organizations such as SAI. This summer I will be interning in SAI's Training & Capacity Building team, and working with Emily Crain to produce a prerequisite course for the SA8000 Basic Course, among other projects.

I first became interested in worker human rights after reading about human rights abuses in factories in developing countries. I was driven by a sense of indignation at the fact that such exploitation could be allowed to occur. I look forward to interning at SAI in order to learn how such abuses can be prevented, and learning how companies and suppliers can still operate successfully while treating their workers well. 




Maggie Gabos 

am a candidate for a Master of International Development at the University of Pittsburgh's Graduate School for Public and International Affairs. I am majoring in Development Planning and Environmental Sustainability, with a special focus on corporate responsibility and human rights. My passion for sustainable development through corporate responsibility stems from experiences working with organizations in Uganda and Kenya, as well as my international relations education. Through examining the different ways I could do development work, I realized that developing countries are rich with natural resources and human capital and that they do have the ability to grow sustainably. The way that corporations interact with these countries in manufacturing and sourcing is crucial to creating an environment where individuals' human rights and opportunities for mobility are secured.


In pursuit of organizations that shared the belief that corporations and the countries and communities they work in can have a symbiotic relationship that is beneficial to all, I found SAI. As a summer intern, I will be working with the Corporate Members team to profile clients, research current CSR initiatives, and develop training material for Social Fingerprint. Additionally, I will be working on SA8000 related projects and assisting with preparing for the new revision to be implemented. I am really excited about this opportunity to gain better understanding of how corporate responsibility can function in the real world and to work with such passionate people driven to create real change.


Sanam Shetty 

I am a rising junior at Wellesley College majoring in International Relations-Economics and minoring in Chinese Language and Literature. My study of and experiences in developing countries in Asia have sparked my interest in sustainable development, externalities of business, labor rights, and public policy. I am greatly looking forward to my time at SAI and SAAS where I hope to gain a deeper understanding of corporate social responsibility as well as the practical processes of advocating for labor rights. I am interning at SAAS where I am working with Lisa Bernstein on collecting and analyzing certification data, updating the website, and researching issues related to social standards among other projects.
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