HP Living Progress Report 
SAI Signatory Member uses Framework to pursue sustainability

SAI is pleased to share the release of HP's 2014 Living Progress Report.  HP, a SAI Signatory Member since 2012, has solidified its reputation as an industry leader in corporate social responsibility. This report recognizes HP's work with SAI in striving to improve human rights and sustainability within its supply chain.  

Noting contributions to multi-stakeholder initiatives, the 2014 Living Progress Report describes HP's participation in SAI's TenSquared program in Brazil:  

"In collaboration with Social Accountability International (SAI), The Rapid Results Institute, and Labor Link, HP conducted a 100-day program at three supplier sites in Brazil to reduce worker injuries from physically demanding work. Our supplier, Flextronics, reduced absenteeism due to injuries from 8% to 4.8% over the course of the program, producing tangible cost savings. Given this success, we plan to expand the program to China with a focus on emergency preparedness."

The Report also mentions HP's improvement in the Social Fingerprint Supply Chain evaluation, a requirement for all Signatory members:  

"Our supply chain management system is assessed every two years by Social Accountability International (SAI), against their rigorous, world-class Social Fingerprint benchmark. In 2014, we achieved a 15% improvement in our results compared to 2012." 

These efforts to continually improve social accountability emphasize HP's dedication to human rights and supply chain responsibility. Read the report to find out more here.

For more information about SAI's Corporate Programs please see our website here, or email Christie Daly, Senior Manager of Corporate Programs, at cdaly@sa-intl.org.