Launching SA8000: 2014 Calibration and Training

China, India, and Italy


In March and April, SA8000 certification managers and training course providers are coming together in China, India & Italy to gear up for the global launch of SA8000:2014 certification in July.


The first half of these calibration and training meetings focus on updates to the Standard and SA8000 certification process.  The second half focus on updates to the delivery of the SA8000 auditor training course.  Specific topics include:

  1. Implementation of SA8000:2014 and use of the Performance Indicators Annex
  2. Integration of Social Fingerprint® management systems tool into the SA8000 certification process
  3. SA8000 certification methodology and certification body accreditation (the new Procedures 200 and 201)
  4. SA8000 training courses and the revised structure of course delivery and curriculum  
SAI and Social Accountability Accreditation Services (SAAS) periodically schedule calibration and training meetings for program managers, field auditors and other participants of the SA8000 system. The purpose of such meetings is to provide a forum to discuss issues that affect all accredited Certification Bodies and Course Providers who deliver SA8000 services, answer any questions that may arise as a result of implementing the SA8000 certification program, and come to agreement on the interpretation and expectations of managing the system.  


For more information about SA800 calibration please contact SAAS Program manager Lisa Bernstein at For more information on SA8000 Training, please contact SAI Senior Program Manager Stephanie Wilson at