TenSquared: Team + Goal + Process = Exponential Results

 100 Day Projects Launch in Turkey

In February, our TenSquared program accelerated in Turkey as the first 

two "waves" of companies launched their 100-day health & safety projects. Wave 1's 4 teams came together in Istanbul and Wave 2's 5 teams came together in Iskenderun for the 2-day Launch Workshops. The workshops focused on team-building, goal-setting and work-planning. All teams were highly energized and eager to tackle their ambitious 100-day goals.


With the generous support of The Walt Disney Company, the TenSquared program is currently free for the first 6-8 waves of companies in Turkey. There are waves launching in June, July, September, and November 2015.  

Worker-Manager Teams at the TenSquared Launch Workshops in Turkey.

Facilitators: TenSquared creators SAI and Rapid Results Institute and Turkey partner AKUT Institute.


Companies in Wave 1 and 2 

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
  • Packaging Plant
  • Call Center
  • Label Manufacturer
  • Steel Plant (5 different units)
    • Steel Production
    • Iron Production
    • Mechanical and Auxiliary Shops
    • Plant Utilities
    • Hot Strip Rolling Mills Plant

Sample Challenge Areas/Goals

  • Emergency Preparedness & Evacuation -  reduce evacuation time
  • Fire Prevention - reduce number of fire risk points
  • Accident Prevention - reduce number of accidents
    Hazardous Substances and Materials - increase reporting of gas leaks 

Q: How would you describe to your family or colleagues what you've been doing for the last two days at our workshop?


"I would tell my son that I have been working on a team to make things safer for in my workplace. That the things I learned make me think differently about health and safety, and I want to apply what I have learned to make things safer for him and our family in our home as well."

- Worker, Steel Plant


TenSquared is a joint program of SAI and Rapid Results Institute (RRI). It combines SAI's expertise in labor standards, management systems and worker engagement, with RRI's proven change acceleration methodology, to drive immediate, practical improvements in the health and safety conditions of participating companies.TenSquared is based on the principles of Team, Goal and Process. Workers and managers are brought together to form joint teams that choose ambitious health and safety goals to pursue over the course of 100 days. To meet the goals the teams are empowered to overcome the hurdles to change, improve processes and achieve results, "learning through doing".

The name, TenSquared, encapsulates these three principles.

TEAM: TenSquared teams are composed of five workers and five managers. By working together in a collaborative manner, these ten individuals drive tangible change and improvements that directly impact the lives of their co-workers. Just one TenSquared team can have a lasting, sustainable impact on all workers in a facility.

GOALTenSquared teams are given 100 days to achieve their goal.  This timeframe creates a sense of urgency, encouraging team members to work collaboratively to develop innovative solutions to seemingly intractable problems. 

PROCESS: In order to achieve their goal, Ten Squared teams must think "outside the square" to improve their existing processes or create new & innovative processes.

Confidential worker surveys administered at Days 85 and 150 through Good World Solutions' mobile survey platform, Labor Link, capture worker feedback and program impact.

TenSquared, originally named the Social Fingerprint Rapid Results (SFRR) Worker Engagement Program, was first launched as a pilot in Brazil, through a grant from The Walt Disney Company.

In recognition of the remarkable success of the pilot, Disney has funded the expansion of the program to Turkey. With growing interest from other companies and funders, the program is also planned for China, India and Bangladesh in 2015-16.


For more information, and to apply, please contact SAI's Senior Program Manager, Stephanie Wilson, at swilson@sa-intl.org