BSCI & SA8000 Training for Trainers Builds Expertise
A Team Work Approach 

SAI and SAAS Representatives Attending the Train the Trainers Sessions in New York








Can you guess what these numbers are? Read on. They're part of the story of the team that came together in NYC on January 7-11, 2015 for our SAI-SAAS Joint Training of Trainers Workshop. Twenty-eight HQ staff, global trainers and accreditation auditors from US, Canada, India, UK, China, Philippines and Costa Rica braved the freezing NYC winter to take part in the Workshop, which had a packed agenda:
  • Updates to the SA8000:2014 Standard
  • Updates to the BSCI System
  • Upgrades to SA8000 & BSCI Auditor Training (Innovations in Instructional Design/Accelerated Learning)
  • Guest sessions:
    • Daniel Manitsky, Rapid Results Institute - Accelerated Learning: The Art of Facilitating Group Exercises 
    • Mitchell Karp and Lois Jeffers, VallotKarp Consulting LLC - Our Role as SAI & SAAS Ambassadors - Cross-Cultural and Gender Sensitivity  
    • Monica Rowe - Eileen Fischer Inc. - Our Role as SAI & SAAS Ambassadors: Effective Communications 
In addition to the technical training, the Workshop was important for team-building and sharing, as both SAI and SAAS embark on their respective new 5-year strategic plans. Everyone left the Workshop in high spirits, with key priorities and 100-day projects to jump-start 2015.
So what were the numbers above? Collectively, they represent a sample of 15 team-members that we informally surveyed at the Workshop - reminding us of our team's impressive expertise and experience!
16, 270: estimated # of audits they have conducted
5,000: estimated # of trainings they have conducted
7,449: estimated # of projects they participated in leading
28: estimated # of industries they have supported
255: # of years of experience this team has worked in our field
For more information, please contact SAI Chief Operating Officer, Jane Hwang at, or SAAS Executive Director, Rochelle Zaid at