Rebranding the SFRR Program




In May 2014, SAI and our partner the Rapid Results Institute (RRI) were excited to learn that we were awarded a second grant from The Walt Disney Company to expand our Social Fingerprint Rapid Results (SFRR) Program to Turkey. SFRR garnered highly impressive results during the pilot phase in Brazil throughout 2012 and 2013 (for more information, please click here) and generated interest among many brands & retailers throughout the world.  With the program entering a new phase and new country, SAI and RRI decided to undergo a strategic re-branding process, ensuring the program's brand reflected the unity of both partner organizations and embodied our vision, core values and strategic objectives.


SAI & RRI were fortunate to partner with Branding expert, Slava of Service 52 to embark on a transformational and creative journey to design and agree a new program name - TenSquared - a new logo (above), and a new overall visual identity.


This month, SAI caught up with Slava to discuss branding, as well as the process of transitioning Social Fingerprint Rapid Results to TenSquared.


Hi Slava, can you share with us a little bit about yourself?
I started my professional career as an architect, and then, over time I gradually shifted my interests toward graphic design and marketing with a focus on branding. In retrospect, I believe that my move was very logical - as architects help their clients to organize space, graphic designers help their clients organize information.


What is branding and why is branding important?

There are many ways to define what brand is. I would like to quote one of my favorite definitions given by Marty Neumeier in his book The Brand Gap: "A brand is a person's gut feeling about a product, service or organization... In other words, it's not what you say it is - it's what they say [believe] it is." I think, this definition is so powerful and encompassing and explains why branding is important.


Slava, can you please walk us though the overall re-branding effort and strategy you took with taking Social Fingerprint Rapid Results to TenSquared.

The very first and absolutely necessary condition for the re-branding process to start is a client's realization of the need and the urgency of the re-branding. It is also desirable that re-branding efforts are aligned and conducted concurrently with any organizational change.

The re-branding of SFRR was really a collaborative effort between myself and the SAI & RRI team. Fortunately the team had a great balance of knowing what they wanted but being flexible and open to new ideas, and therefore they made my role easy and limited to only facilitation of the results and professional guidance. Ultimately, we were working together, identifying needs, limitations and criteria for success.

If you would like to learn more about technicality of the process, I would like to redirect you to the expert - UK's Design Council (http://www.designcouncil.org.uk) and their 4D model with four main milestones: Discover, Define, Design and Develop. Sometimes there is a fifth milestone - Deploy - and this is where TenSquared is now.


Not only did you help SAI & RRI with developing a new program name, you also created a new logo for the program. Why are logos important?

I would like to start with the definition of the term:

Logos (Greekλ?γος, from λ?γω lego - "I say")

The original  meaning of the word is "a ground", "an opinion", "an expectation", "word", "to reason" it became a technical term in philosophy used to communicate a principle of order and knowledge.

Logos are important and very visible parts of a company's Visual Identity. Most of the time, our introduction to a company or a service starts with the name and/or the logo; so, in short, we can refer to these elements as "The Face" of the enterprise. As the very first "touch point" of client-service (client-enterprise) interaction, the name and the logo are critical elements that help to set the stage and start the conversation on the right note.


Please share with us the story behind the new TenSquared logo - what does it mean?

I hope that the new TenSquared logo represents all the attributes and features we (TenSquared team and I) identified during the "Discover and Define" phases. Therefore the new TenSquared should communicate and support ideas of being:

  • fun
  • supportive
  • creative
  • empowering
  • bridging
  • unleashing
  • innovative
  • replicable
  • engaging
  • life changing


Can you please share with us three tips for other organizations going through a new branding or re-branding effort?

"First do no harm"

I learned that the re-branding process needs to be very sensitive to all the existing internal and external issues and constraints. Organizations are "living organisms" and need to be handled with empathy and extra care. Sometimes it takes a little effort to break something that has been working for a long time and is difficult or even impossible to fix.


Start with an "open mind"

Instead of starting project with a ready solution in mind, do your due-diligence, follow all the four steps in 4D method and identify success before you start your design work.


Identify Success and Listen

First you need to identify what success should look like then, with that definition in mind; you need to take your Client through all the steps of the design process to that goal. Design is "a two-way road" it cannot exist without a Client and Client's feedback. Listen to what everyone has to say and address all the concerns and issues to avoid any frustration at the end of the project.


For more information on Slava's work, please click here


For more information on TenSquared, please contact SAI Senior Program Manager Stephanie Wilson at swilson@sa-intl.org