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Common Questions: SA8000:2014 Revision Webinar

SA8000:2014 Revision Webinar  Part 1
SA8000:2014 Revision Webinar
 Part 2

SA8000:2014 Revision Webinar  Part 2: Re-test

SA8000:2014 Revision Webinar  Part 1

How to go through the  webinar:

1. You must go in order of the lessons. Begin with Welcome, then Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and so on. Some chapters have quizzes. You must complete the chapter before you can take the quiz.

Please note that you do not have to complete the webinar in one sitting. You may sign in and out of the webinar and your progress will be saved.

2. Please note: Sometimes the next button will not appear until after you have spent enough time on the slide.



3. After you have completed a section, you will no longer see a next button, but a rewind button, which will bring you to the very beginning of the chapter or back, which will bring you back one slide. Please click the red X in the top right corner.

Successfully completed sections will have a green check mark on the left side. The next chapter will unlock and have a green play button on the left side. Please select Launch on the right to continue.


4. In some slides, there will be clickable links. Please click on these and the page will open up in another tab.


How to receive the certificate:

1. Your certificate will be automatically generated after you have completed all the sections, passed all the quizzes, and passed the final examination with a score of 75% or higher. The certificate will be shown on the left hand column of the screen.


SA8000:2014 Revision Webinar  Part 2

How to go through the webinar:

1. You must begin with Chapter 1. This chapter does not have any voice-over and is just a introduction to what the webinar will cover. After you have finished Chapter 1, you will be able to continue to the Learning Modules.

2. The learning module will open to show you this screen. You can begin with any chapter, and do not need to go in chronological order. However, you must complete all eight chapters to access the exam. You will return to this screen after each chapter to begin the next. When you have completed all eight chapters, click Finish and you will have unlocked the examination. Please note, if you do not pass the examination you will have to pay USD50 to access the re-test.

SA8000:2014 Revision Webinar  Part 2: Re-test

How to enroll in the re-test:

1) Log into your Social Fingerprint account here and click on Catalog and select SA8000:2014 Online Revision Courses.

2) Click on the cart icon next to RE-TEST: SA8000:2014 Revision Webinar - Part 2: Social Fingerprint. Then press Proceed to your cart and then Proceed to checkout. Follow the steps to pay the USD50 payment and when finished, return to your home screen and select My Courses. You will find the re-test under My Courses and SA8000:2014 Online Revision Webinars.

For more information, contact SAI at