Professional Development Series

SAI’s Professional Development Series is designed to promote continued learning and to cater for the needs of sourcing personnel, corporate compliance managers, suppliers, and auditors. Professionals participating in the Professional Development Series courses may be able to acquire professional or continuing education credits from applicable organizations.


CSR Awareness Seminars
SAI offers open and custom awareness seminars for social auditors, buyers, suppliers, and corporate compliance managers. These seminars highlight international labor standards and expectations for producers and companies, and look for ways to build awareness of social performance throughout the company.

Management Systems for Social Performance
Participants will have an opportunity to focus on practical issues related to creating and implementing effective management systems. Real examples of policies and documents will be provided.

Building Internal Social Performance Teams
This course focuses on the leadership and organizational change processes needed to improve social performance. Participants will learn how to form cross-functional teams that help to communicate and operationalize social performance throughout the company. The content is useful for facilities that are seeking certification or undergoing regular corporate or industry code compliance audits.

Overtime and Wages
Often interrelated, overtime and wages present a myriad of issues. The course provides auditing techniques and approaches for calculating piece work, hourly wages, and overtime. Discussions will be focused on the determination of a basic needs wage within various regions to allow for proper wage adequacy determination by the audit team. Exam is optional

Other Courses
Other Professional Development Series courses cover specific skills and knowledge required from social compliance auditors, such as:

  • Worker Interview Training
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Environmental Health and Safety

If you would like to host one of the courses mentioned above or would like a customized professional development course, please contact SAI at