Our Board

Advisory Board

Members Affiliated with Business

Amy Hall, Chair
Eileen Fisher, Inc.

Sunil Bhaskaran
Tata Steel Limited
Laura Chapman Rubbo
The Walt Disney Company
Annukka Dickens
HP, Inc.
Anuj Jain
Shingora Textiles Limited
Dirk Jeschke
Miele & Cie.
Luna Lee*
Eileen Fisher, Inc.
Rossella Ravagli
Gucci S.p.A.

Members Affiliated with NGOs, Trade Unions, Socially Responsible Investing and Government

Andre de Freitas
Sustainable Agriculture

Alice Tepper Marlin
Social Accountability

Michael Toffel
Harvard Business

Claudio Treves
Nuove Identità di Lavoro (NiDIL CGIL)
Mary Watson
The New School

Lara White
International Organization
for Migration
Shahamin Zaman
CSR Centre
*Alternate member    

Board of Directors

Dan Henkle, Chair 

Dana Chasin 

Tyna Coles

Joseph Iarocci

Tamara Lewis

Nicholas Milowski 

Steven Newman

David Pauker Alice Tepper Marlin

Founders' Committee

The Founders’ Committee comprises of retired SAI Advisory Board members who have contributed exemplary services and caucused together over the years. The Committee’s expertise and contributions proved instrumental in the founding and evolution of SAI.

The Founders’ Committee members are able to retain a generous level of participation in SAI Advisory Board’s activities, including attendance at meetings as non-voting members.

Tom DeLuca (Chair)
Dorianne Beyer
John Brookes
Kishor Chaukar
Ivano Corraini
Robin Cornelius
Jan Furstenborg
Fitzroy Hilaire
George Jaksch
Neil Kearney (In Memoriam)
Darryl Knudsen
Achim Lohrie
Anant G. Nadkarni
Frits Nagel
Mike Patrick
Dr. Morton Winston (In Memoriam)
David Zwiebel