SAI is the owner of the SA8000® Standard and updates it regularly to respond to new and emerging social and human rights issues. While SAI provides guidance on the Standard’s implementation and determines the program’s auditing methodology, all SA8000 audits are carried out by certification bodies (i.e., qualified auditing firms) that receive accreditation from SAI’s independently managed affiliate, Social Accountability Accreditation Services (SAAS). SAI and SAAS maintain close links with certification bodies to assure all SA8000 audits are conducted in a fair, reliable, and consistent manner. To learn more about the certification process, click here.

SAI and other interested parties recognize only those SA8000 certifications that are awarded by SAAS-accredited certification bodies. Accreditation of certification bodies—in accordance with internationally recognized ISO standards—assures the consistent, reliable, and effective implementation of SA8000 audits and certifications.

If you come across an unauthorized SA8000 certificate or an unaccredited certification body, please contact SAI at

Infographic: Framework for Accredited SA8000 Certification (pdf)