A joint project between SAI and Rapid Results Institute, the TenSquared program builds and coaches peer-selected teams of workers and managers to jointly develop and implement 100-day projects to achieve ambitious health and safety goals.

The TenSquared program starts from the premise that trust between managers and workers is both possible and critical for making progress on health and safety issues. TenSquared helps translate the shared interests of workers and managers into bold action and real results – in 100 days. Along the way, the program builds trust, improves worker-manager communication and stimulates collaborative problem solving. 


"We have seen the results that TenSquared has achieved and believe that the program is a scalable model that empowers workers to identify solutions to urgent workplace health and safety challenges."
– Michael J. Widman, Vice President, International Labor Standards, The Walt Disney Company

"Through this project we identified the weaknesses in our health and safety issues. There is now better organization and coordination around H & S issues. We had nothing before, now we can achieve our H & S goals."
– Worker


Impacts & Results

      1. Improvement in Health & Safety

70% reduction of limb trauma accidents 70% reduction in high-level fire risks


2. Worker-Manager Engagement 3. Professional Development
98% of workers surveyed believe that managers' commitment to Health & Safety improved as a result of the project Despite the program only directly involving a team of 10 people
(5 workers, 5 managers), up to 89% of all workers at a facility participated in the project

      4. Organization & Development Change

84% of workers claim that communication regarding Health & Safety has increased as a result of TenSquared


More information:

Stephanie Wilson
Senior Program Manager

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Program brochure (pdf)

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