SA8000:2014 is the latest version of the SA8000® Standard launched in June 2014. A central improvement to the Standard was the inclusion of Social Fingerprint®. It is a set of tools that helps organizations continuously measure and improve their management system for social performance, helping them fulfill the requirements of the Management System Element of SA8000.

Social Fingerprint® breaks down the Management System Element into ten process-based categories:








With the following three tools, organizations can measure and improve their management system.

  • Social Fingerprint® Self-Assessment: Completed by the organization applying for an SA8000 certification, the self-assessment provides a baseline score of the organization's management system maturity.
  • Social Fingerprint® Independent Evaluation: Completed by an accredited certification body, the independent evaluation helps the organization identify strengths and weaknesses in its management system.
  • Rating Chart: The Rating Chart explains the organization’s maturity level in each of the ten categories listed above. The maturity levels are rated on a scale of one to five, with five being the highest level (see table below). The results help the organization identify areas for improvement.