SA8000® Auditor Training

SAI’s auditor training courses equip participants with knowledge of the latest auditing techniques with a special focus on the SA8000 Standard for decent work. These practical courses are designed for certification bodies and internal auditors as well as buyers, managers and workers, who audit to any labor code and standard. All SA8000 Team Auditors and SA8000 Lead Auditors are required to have passed the basic and advanced courses respectively.

To help auditors meet the professional development requirements of the SA8000 Standard, SAI also offers a variety of online courses. These online courses cover the latest updates made in the SA8000 Standard, provide practical tips for worker interviews and auditing techniques, and offer an overview of the latest auditing requirements by Social Accountability Accreditation Services. Since 2015, the training courses have also covered Social Fingerprint®, SAI’s tool for measuring and improving management systems for social performance.

If you are interested in becoming an SA8000 auditor, please contact your certification body, employer, or scheme manager for more information.

Some organizations recently represented in our auditor training courses include: