Corporate Programs: Levels and Services

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SAI Services Provided





SAI Implementation Handbooks (Supply Chain, IFC and Ruggie in 2012)

Electronic copies of SAI publications for your use – featuring implementation guides and toolkits.

Selected SAI Training Materials for Internal Use

Access to selected SAI training materials on SA8000®, common labor code issues and possible solutions, business benefits of improved CSR, management systems for suppliers, etc. (not for re-sale)

Access to SA8000® Certified Supplier Database

Searchable database of SA8000® certified facilities that includes business information

SA8000® Guidance & Tools

Access SAI’s Guidance – useful guidance for auditors and suppliers for all codes and standards

Social Fingerprint® Program

Social Fingerprint® is a program of ratings, training and tools designed to help companies measure and improve social performance. The program focuses on management systems development and implementation. Track supplier performance in our online system or import the data to your system.

Social Fingerprint® Supply Chain Management Self-Assessment

The Supply Chain Management Program measures 6 performance categories to see how your company manages its supply chain (typically for brands/retailers) – use it to calibrate and learn internally.



Social Fingerprint® Supply Chain Management SAI Evaluation & Benchmarking

SAI interviews 3-4 key staff and provides a confidential independent evaluation. Get a report benchmarking you against the pool of SAI companies and others that have participated.




Social Fingerprint® Company Self-Assessment (for key suppliers)

The Company Program looks at 9 categories inside a company. (# of suppliers or company-owned facilities per year)







Social Fingerprint® Company SAI Evaluation & Benchmarking (for key suppliers)

SAI interviews key staff at the suppliers to provide an independent evaluation. Use it to assess risk and identify areas for improvement. Get a report benchmarking your suppliers against others in the country. (# of suppliers or company-owned facilities per year)








Live Online Training Sessions

SAI will provide customized one-hour webinars to your staff or suppliers. Pick the topics most relevant to you. (# of session per year)






Social Fingerprint® Online Training Courses

Access SAI’s Social Fingerprint® online training courses. Topics include Building Your Internal Social Performance Team and Basic Auditing Review. (# of uses per year)






20% discount on classroom and online training for staff

Save money on all SAI training for your staff.


20% discount on classroom and online training for suppliers

SAI extends the discount to your suppliers.



Invitation to Participate in SAI Government & Foundation Funded Projects

Participate in our funded programs that often provide subsidized supplier training or stakeholder engagement programs. Get invitations to join Public Private Partnerships.

Quarterly Best Practice Webinars featuring SAI Companies

SAI moderates a quarterly webinar for SAI companies to share best practices and discuss specific topics.

SAI Advisory Services – Management and Global Staff

Call us or e-mail us to help you with your projects. We’re here to give you advice or act as a sounding board.

SAI Multi-Stakeholder Reviews and Opinions

SAI will involve our multi-stakeholder Advisory Board in providing a confidential review of your plans, projects or situations.


SAI Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Working Groups

Participate in day-long multi-stakeholder working groups. These events are designed to be interactive learning sessions targeted to address one specific issue. (# of sessions per year)





Custom Project (size of project based on amount of fee)

For companies over $1 billion in annual revenue, SAI credits the balance of your fee after deducting for the above services to a custom project designed for you (details available). Here are a few examples, or you can work with us to design something that gives you the greatest value.

-Improve your complaint management system

-Evaluate your monitoring program

-Develop a plan for your capacity building program

-Train Certified Social Fingerprint® Trainers in your company or Team Leaders in your suppliers (meeting ISO17024 guidelines)



Pricing Structure

(based on annual revenue in US$)





$0 - $100 million





$100 million - $1 billion





$1 billion - $10 billion





$10 billion +





* Supporter fees are suggested based on annual revenue - $3,000 minimum