Custom Training and Capacity Building Programs

Whether you represent a brand that wants to expand its control of sub-contractors or a supplier that is accelerating its compliance in freedom of association, SAI's Custom Training and Capacity Building Programs can be modeled to fit your goals.

SAI will help you identify your organization’s specific needs and develop a strategic plan. We equip your organization with new skills and knowledge as well as the tools for sustainable implementation. SAI’s previous custom training programs have covered a variety of topics ranging from a selected requirement within a specific standard to the development of management systems. Our modular approach allows you to mix and match topics according to the level and needs of the target audience.

Examples of topics SAI has provided custom training on:

  • Introduction to social standards and management systems
  • Management of supply chain
  • Working with suppliers and subcontractors
  • Integration of compliance and sourcing
  • Supplier prescreening and risk assessment 
  • Purchasing practices and impacts on social performance
  • Supplier capacity building
  • Supplier ratings and scorecards
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