Advisory Board

The SAI Advisory Board provides advice on SAI’s key programs and initiatives. The Board includes experts from around the world representing trade unions, corporations and NGOs, and has a broad range of expertise in human rights, child and labor rights, socially responsible investing, auditing, and supply chain management.
Members Affiliated with Business

Amy Hall, Chair Board
Eileen Fisher

Giorgio Bertinelli
Legacoop Nazionale
Sunil Bhaskaran
Tata Steel Limited

Annukka Dickens
Sandra Groth*
Tchibo GmbH
Vinod Kulkarni*
Tata Motors

Luna Lee*
Eileen Fisher
Achim Lohrie
Tchibo GmbH
Rossella Ravagli
Laura Rubbo
The Walt Disney Company
Colleen Vien

Members Affiliated with NGOs, Trade Unions,S
Responsible Investing and Government

Dorianne Beyer
National Child
Labor Committee

Christian Ewert
Foreign Trade Association

Andre de Frietas
Sustainable Agriculture Network

Margaret Jungk
Danish Institute for Human Rights

Alice Tepper Marlin
Social Accountability International
Michael Toffel
Harvard Business School


Claudio Treves
Italian General Confederation of Labour 

Mary Watson
The New School

Lara White
International Organization for Migration
David Zwiebel*
National Child
Labor Committee

*Alternate member