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Introduction to Living Wage

This one-day training event explains living wage concepts and provides guidance on how to translate those concepts into daily reality. View course schedule.

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Course Overview

"When it comes to living wage, a lot of companies and initiatives are spinning their wheels on the data collection aspect. At a certain point, perfecting data collection will only get you so far—action needs to be taken, even if it’s incremental at first. I liked that this course included both the data collection aspect as well as concrete implementation strategies to help companies move the needle on living wages." –Marissa Morgan, Social Compliance Manager, PopSockets LLC

International stakeholders increasingly recognize living wage as an important human right. Living wage features prominently in international guidelines like the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and has clear connections to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. As a result, more and more companies and standard setters are adopting living wage in their policies and standards.

This is good news, but many still struggle with the concept. Living wage is seen as abstract, hard to define, and aspirational. More specific guidance is needed on how to make a living wage work in practice. This training will help you on your way.

This course will help participants understand what living wage is and how they can implement it in their company or supply chain. At the end of the course, participants will:

  • understand living wage concepts, including definitions and the position of living wage in international guidelines and regulations;
  • be familiar with living wage methodologies (including the Anker methodology), estimates and the underlying key components;
  • understand the reasons for gaps between minimum legal wages and living wages;
  • recognize obstacles to implementation of a living wage;
  • understand different approaches to implementing a living wage;
  • be familiar with the wage ladder concept;
  • be able to integrate living wage in social compliance programs or human rights due diligence approaches;
  • understand connections between living wage, responsible purchasing practices, and social dialogue;
  • recognize living wage challenges in both developed and developing countries
  • develop and be able to implement a roadmap to paying a living wage
  • understand the importance of collaboration, role of stakeholders, and how to effectively engage with global initiatives.

The training program will consist of a mixture of presentations, case studies, and individual and group exercises.

Target Participants

The Training is applicable to companies in any industry and of any size. It is designed for use by senior management, as well as professionals in the human resources, corporate social responsibility, compliance and sourcing departments.The training is also intended for CSR experts and consultants who train or advise companies, as well as for NGO, trade union, and government representatives to learn about the implications of living wage on their work.

Participants will receive a certificate after completion of the training.

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Online Training

Assessing Current Wages

The e-learning course Assessing Current Wages is designed to help participants conduct wage assessments for the SA8000® certification system. The course provides step-by-step guidance on the following topics:

  • collecting data on current wages
  • analyzing wage structures
  • types of items that can and cannot be included as part of a wage
  • in-kind benefits and bonuses
  • using SAI’s wage assessment tool

This course provides access to SAI’s official wage assessment tool along with resources, including a wage reference document with additional information on wage assessment and a useful case study examined during the course.
Participants should expect to be actively engaged throughout entire e-learning course in order to fulfill the expected learning outcomes. The course includes interactive quizzes and a final exam.
For any questions regarding the current wage or living wage e-learning courses, please contact

Fee: USD150* (credit card only)
Duration: Appr. 2.5 hours

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Notice for SA8000 Auditors: The e-learning course is classified as structured learning in SAAS Procedure 305, Continuing Education Framework. It counts for 2.5 Continuing Education credits. In order to earn the Continuing Education credits, auditors and certification bodies are required to keep the automatically generated record of course completion on file.

*This e-learning course includes complimentary access to the e-learning course Living Wage – Making It a Reality as part of a course bundle. In the shopping cart, the course will be called 'Assessing Current Wage and Living Wage – Making It a Reality Bundle.'

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Living Wage: Making it a Reality

The webinar Living Wage: Making it a Reality provides an overview of the concept of living wage and the groundbreaking Anker Methodology for its calculation. After taking the webinar and its quizzes, participants will be familiar with the demand for and implications of living wage. The webinar helps participants understand the Anker Methodology for living wage calculation and the application of the methodology in the field. By listening to various stakeholders’ voices participants will be able to identify their own role in living wage implementation.

Participants should expect to be actively engaged during the entire two-hour webinar in order to absorb the information presented. Interactive quizzes are embedded throughout the webinar.

For any questions regarding the Current Wage or Living Wage webinars, please contact:

Fee: USD75 (credit card only)
Duration: Appr. 2 hours

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Notice for SA8000 Auditors: The webinar is classified as structured learning in SAAS Procedure 305, Continuing Education Framework. It counts for two (2) Continuing Education credits. In order to earn the Continuing Education credits, auditors and certification bodies are required to keep the automatically generated record of course completion on file.

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