SA8000 Certification: Getting Started

Step 1: Social Fingerprint® Self-Assessment

To complete the Social Fingerprint® Self-Assessment in SAI’s online Training Center, choose your language below and follow the instructions:

Duration: 60–90 minutes

Fee: USD300*

Key Name: If you have already selected your accredited certification body, please contact them for their unique Key Name for SAI’s Training Center. If you have not yet chosen your certification body, please use the Key Name SA8000SF.

Step 2: Contact an Accredited Certification Body

Following your organization’s successful completion of the self-assessment, please contact an accredited certification body that will evaluate your organization’s social performance against the SA8000® Standard. Accreditation is an integral part of the SA8000 system and only accredited certification bodies may award recognized SA8000 certificates.

The certification body will conduct an initial Stage 1 Audit to assess the organization’s readiness for SA8000, and organizations that move on to Stage 2 will go through a full certification audit. As part of both stages, the certification body will conduct a Social Fingerprint® Independent Evaluation that will help the organization to identify strengths and weaknesses in its management system. An Independent Evaluation will also be conducted during selected surveillance audits during the three-year certification cycle to track improvements over time. To see how the Social Fingerprint Self-Assessments and Independent Evaluations are integrated into the SA8000 certification cycle, click here

*Payable by credit card at the SAI Training Center. In case you would like to pay via bank transfer, please contact Please note that it may take 3–5 days for a bank transfer to be processed and before you can start your self-assessment.