SA8000:2014 and Social Fingerprint® 

SA8000:2014 is the latest version of the SA8000 Standard, the world’s leading voluntary social certification standard for workplaces. In order to help organisations build and maintain strong management systems to become SA8000 certified and continually improve, the SA8000:2014 certification process now includes Social Fingerprint®.


What is a management system?
A management system is the set of policies, procedures, and processes that enable an organisation to meet its objectives, and a strong management system is central to the effective implementation of SA8000.
SAI believes that organisations with strong managements systems and senior management commitment consistently perform better and have fewer SA8000 non-conformances. Social Fingerprint will help applicants and certified organisations develop strong management systems to improve their social performance and compliance with SA8000.
What is Social Fingerprint?
Social Fingerprint is a set of tools that help organisations measure and improve their management systems for social performance. Social Fingerprint is aligned with the SA8000:2014 Management Systems criteria, breaking down the concept of a management system into:
  • 10 process-based categories 
  • 5 maturity levels

The key tools used in Social Fingerprint are:

  1. A management system self-assessment completed by the applicant organisation.
  2. An independent evaluation of the management system completed by the SA8000 auditor.
  3. rating chart that explains the maturity levels for each of the 10 categories.

Additional reference tools:

  1. Glossary of Relevant Terms
  2. Guidance for SA8000 Certification Auditors on Social Fingerprint for SA8000:2014
  3. SA8000:2014 Guidance Document 

SA8000:2014 and Social Fingerprint Integration
Social Fingerprint is now included as a part of SA8000:2014 in order to increase the integrity and effectiveness of SA8000 certification.

It identifies the weak links in an organisation’s management system so clients can make targeted improvements and prioritize the most important areas.

Social Fingerprint teaches an organisation about the components of an effective and functional management system, so it can maximize resources and create the best system tailored for its specific needs and risks. 

Click here to read more about the Social Fingerprint program.


For Organisations: How can I get started with SA8000:2014 and Social Fingerprint?
All new SA8000:2014 applicants and current SA8000:2008-certified organisations must first complete a Social Fingerprint Self-Assessment as part of the application, transition, or recertification process. The price of the Social Fingerprint Self-Assessment is US $300*. It takes 60-90 minutes to complete the self-assessment.
*Please note this fee is payable to SAI directly on the SAI Training Center by credit card only. This fee is intended to preserve the structure and integrity of the SA8000 Certification system. 

If you are a new client and have not chosen a SAAS-Accredited Certification Body to pursue SA8000 Certification yet, you can purchase the self-assessment from the SAI Training Center using the following directions:

  1. Click on the link below, or copy and paste it into your web broswer
  2. Enter Key Name: SA8000SF
  3. Fill out the required information regarding your facility. Please refer to this list of industry sectors to help you set up your company profile.
  4. You will need to check your email address to confirm your account creation
  5. Once your account is created and you are logged into the SAI Training Center, click on "Catalog"
  6. Select "SA8000:2014 and Social Fingerprint"
  7. Select "Getting Started with SA8000:2014" and follow the directions to check out

After you have completed the self-assessment and are ready to pursue SA8000:2014 certification, you can arrange for a SAAS-Accredited Certification Body to conduct an independent evaluation as part of the certification audit (in some cases, you may have already selected a certification body prior to completing the self-assessment).

If you are a current client, please contact your SAAS-Accredited Certification Body for unique enrollment instructions.

Detailed instructions on how to create an account and complete the SA8000 Social Fingerprint Self-Assessment are available in English here.
For Chinese instructions, click here.

The Chinese Self-Assessment has just been released (May 2016)
For the first 100 clients that purchase "Getting Started with SA8000:2014 -
CHINESE" by 30 JUNE 2016, SAI is offering a 20% discount off the price. Please use the following coupon code in the shopping cart when checking out: SA8000SFCN20
For Auditors: How can I learn more about SA8000:2014 and Social Fingerprint?
You can take SA8000:2014 Revision Webinar – Part 2: Social Fingerprint


Want to take a free SAMPLE SA8000 Social Fingerprint Self-Assessment?
Log into your SAI Training Center account and you will find a free SAMPLE self-assessment under:

  1. "Catalog"
  2. "SA8000:2014 Social Fingerprint"
  3. "SAMPLE Self-Assessments"
  4. You can select from the languages we have provided by clicking the green "Enroll" button


Click here to download a brochure on SA8000:2014 and Social Fingerprint.

If you have any questions regarding SA8000:2014 and the Social Fingerprint integration, please contact