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SA8000:2014 Standard
SA8000:2014 Guidance Document (Updated June 2016)
SA8000:2014 Performance Indicator Annex
SA8000:2014 Certification Restrictions (Updated September 2017 – previously Certification Exclusions)
SA8000:2014 Translations
SAAS Procedures (A
uditing criteria and process)

SA8000 Standard Revision Procedures

SA8000 Revision Procedures
SA8000:2014 Drafters’ Notes

Side-by-Side Comparison of SA8000:2014 and SA8000:2008


SA8000:2008 Standard
SA8000:2008 Guidance Document
SA8000:2008 Translations

Logo Policy

SAI & SA8000 Logo Policy

The SA8000® Standard is a registered trademark of Social Accountability International. This guide serves as a manual for certified organizations to highlight their achievement and for other stakeholders to communicate the value of SA8000.