SA8000 Advanced Auditor Training

Photo from the SA8000 Auditor Training course in Athens, Greece in Oct. 2012
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Social auditors play an essential role in maintaining the integrity of the SA8000 certification and other labor audits to ensure human rights in workplaces around the world. As of February 2012, SAI's SA8000 Advanced Auditor Training Course consists of two mandatory components: online training and classroom training. 

Part 1: Online Training: SA8000 Advanced Auditor Pre-Requisite Online Course

This online course reviews fundamental concepts and highlights from SAI’s 5-day Basic Auditor classroom course. It is a pre-requisite to SAI’s 3-day Advanced Auditor classroom course. The goal is to promote a stimulating, value-added learning environment - where all participants enter the Advanced Auditor classroom well-prepared and ready to engage with trainers and peers in the advanced exercises and discussions. The course can also be taken as a standalone, for those seeking a primer or refresher on key aspects of management-systems based auditing for labor standards.

Topics include:

  • Auditor Attitudes, Skills & Knowledge
  • International Labor Conventions and Standards
  • Labor Standards Elements: Child Labor, Forced Labor, Health & Safety, Freedom of Association, Discrimination, Disciplinary Practices, Working Hours, Remuneration and Management Systems
  • SA8000 Certification System
  • Auditor Role and Audit Process
  • Preview of Advanced Auditor Course: Enhancing Auditor Competencies.

The online course takes about 2 hours to complete and may be accessed on-demand at the participant's convenience. On-screen slides, recorded audio/video, and non-scored quizzes provide an interactive learning experience. Finally, a scored on-screen exam helps participants gauge whether they have effectively absorbed the material.  

Part 2: Classroom Training: 3-day SA8000 Advanced Auditor Classroom Course

The 3-day classroom course reinforces and develops advanced knowledge, skills and attitudes for experienced social auditors. The class builds on the collective experiences of the participants, offering insight into fundamental issues that arise on a regular basis in field assessments.

Key topics: 

  • Expanded compliance knowledge of industry sector and regional issues
  • Enhanced auditing skills and expertise through extensive case studies and role play exercises 
  • Tools to assess adequate levels of client performance in areas such as basic needs wage, overtime hours, freedom of association and control of suppliers
  • Interview techniques essential to gathering accurate information from workers, NGOs, labor organizations and other parties 

This course is designed to simulate an audit and includes document review, worker interviews, writing non-conformance requests and conducting open and closed meetings.

The class concludes with a one-hour examination taken on the final day of the course to ensure that each student has absorbed the critical teaching points successfully and students who successfully pass are awarded a Certificate of Successful Completion.

Both online and classroom components are required for all participants - neither component is available as a standalone and one cannot be substituted for the other. Anyone who does not complete the online course or scores below 75% on both exam attempts will have 10 points deducted from the final classroom exam.

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