SA8000 Basic Auditor Training

Photo from the SA8000 Basic Auditor Training course in Istanbul, Turkey on Sept. 3-7, 2012
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The five-day SA8000 Basic Auditor Training Course trains certification auditors and professionals from a wide range of backgrounds and interests. Over the years the course has drawn auditors, corporate compliance staff, managers from brands, retailers and manufacturers, government officials, academics, and trade union and NGO representatives. The course provides practical knowledge on the main issues of social auditing and performance, using the SA8000 management systems approach.
Key topics include:
  • Core concepts and background on social compliance in the supply chain and social auditing
  • Understanding the elements of the SA8000 standard
  • Review of common compliance problems and possible solutions
  • Effective auditing techniques related to each social compliance element
  • Effective methods for managing risk in a facility or across a whole supply chain 
The guidance document, in-depth case studies, virtual factory tours and highly interactive group exercises allow for hands-on learning and practical application methods and tools. The course concludes with a comprehensive exam, and students who successfully pass are awarded a Certificate of Successful Completion.
These courses are required for all SA8000 and BSCI auditors. Complimentary places are available for NGO and trade union participants. As class sizes vary based on venue capacity, we limit these complimentary seats to two representative per class.  
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