Meet SAI's New Intern: Kritika Joshi

We are pleased to welcome Ms. Joshi, based in New Delhi, to the team

August 2013 

SAI India Intern Kritika Joshi works with SAI's Alex Katz at a training in New Delhi on the impact of overtime and productivity on working conditions.
Kritika Joshi is a student of M.Sc. Environment studies and resources management at the department of natural resources, TERI University, New Delhi specializing in sustainability and corporate social responsibility. She is a Biotechnologist and has earned her Bachelor's degree from the School of Studies in Zoology and Biotechnology, Vikram University, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India.
Hailing from rural and urban background, she has observed the changing status of women in different societal contexts. "Watching women turning into an object for a predominant section of society has invoked me to act to situation, not just to react to it. It was always difficult for me to understand that how a women's life is being governed by everyone else, rather than herself in our society, leading to a men-biased mindset in the work-culture. These face-offs with the situations pertaining to women existing around me led me into women's empowerment. Making women self-aware of their strong presence has become important to me."
As a specialist in sustainability, she will be working on sustainable business strategies and integrated impact assessment with the department of natural resources and department of business sustainability of TERI University. "I hope to use business sustainability as an impactful tool to imbibe work-culture with gender equality, positive mindsets and mutual respect."
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