KPMG Sustainable Supply Chains

SAI leads seminar on securing long term business viability through sustainable supply chains in India

August 2013

On June 17, SAI India Program Director Rishi Sher Singh led a half-day session in Gurgaon, India in partnership with KPMG - "Sustainable Supply Chains: Securing Long Term Business Viability." The event sought to raise awareness on sustainability standards and link to regional developments for CSR and government requirements.

Mr. Singh presented on how SA8000 and its trainings and capacity building efforts can be valuable for social requirements, also how SA8000 links to local requirements. He also led a session about opportunity and challenges on adoption of social standards for large companies as well as highlighting best practices.

Most attendees were KPMG clients from a diverse group of sectors, including communications, chemicals, infrastructure, oil and gas, and steel. In the next few months, more sessions are planned for additional cities, including Mumbai, Pune and possibly Bangalore in the next few months. A white paper will be created at the end of all the sessions to capture inputs of the participants. 

For more information, contact SAI India Program Director Rishi Sher Singh -
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