Brazil: "Rapid Results" Approach to Worker Health & Safety

Updates from Wave 1's 30-day mark of the project's 100-day timeline

August 2012

Group photo from the Brazil Worker Engagement workshop in Sao Paulo. View more photos from this training on SAI's Facebook page:
On July 17-19, SAI with the Rapid Results Institute convened a workshop to launch Wave 2 of SAI's Worker Engagement Program in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The program blends dynamic elements- 100-day Rapid Results change management methodologies and Labor Link mobile technology - with SAI's management systems-based approach to identify the root causes of occupational health & safety (OHS) issues and drive measurable improvement in the workplace. Special focus is given to the development of a worker-manager team, identification of an ambitious and measurable goal and developing and implementing new workplace processes.
In the 30 days after the launch of Wave 1, which convened four companies, factory facilities representing over 3,100 workers across various industries, such as electronics manufacturing to petrochemical inspection, there were several developments. Once the support of senior management had been established, each facility created a worker-manager team to address the root causes of health and safety issues, develop a specific goal to make the workplace safer and more productive, and map out a process to reach that goal in 100 days. Facilitators and coaches guide the teams to meet the goal and make process changes to sustain the improvements behind the 100 days.
At their Quarterly Review Meeting after 25 days, Wave 1's elected worker-manager team leaders reported from all four companies that participated in Wave 1 indicated that their groups had made substantive progress toward accomplishing their goal. As one team leader noted, "one of the most remarkable things about this project has been seeing the transformative effect of small changes." Another leader added, "the most important thing [about the program] has been the engagement of senior directors with workers. When we talk about collective responsibilities and benefits, people really engage with purpose on the project."
Moving forward, after the first 100 days, teams will use Social Fingerprint's "Measure and Improve" methodology to further enhance their OHS systems. Additionally, work will continue with Wave 3 scheduled to begin in September, and the progression of the recently launched Wave 2, which brings together three new companies from the home retail and construction industries.
About SAI's Brazil Worker Engagement Program: In October 2012, Social Accountability International (SAI) developed the Brazil Worker Engagement Program to help Brazilian factories improve health and safety in the workplace. The program blends dynamic elements- change management methodologies and Labor Link mobile technology - with SAI's management systems-based approach to improve workplace conditions. Disney provided the program's founding grant and other partners include the Rapid Results Institute, Good World Solutions, BSD Consulting and the Cahn Group LLC. Learn more:  

To view photos from this workshop, visit SAI's Facebook page: article was written by SAI Research Intern Daniel Macmillen. For more information, contact Daniel - or SAI Communications Manager Joleen Ong -
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