Meet SAI's New Intern: Chris Lamoureaux

Chris joins SAI from Texas to Support & Represent the HQ Team

October 2012 

Chris Lamoureaux 

Meet Chris Lamoureaux: I'm an international studies student from Texas. I am passionate about human and civil rights and all fields that pertain to it. I am planning on going to law school for international law and continue to pursue a career in this field. I am interning for SAI because I believe in the mission and the incredible opportunity afforded to me. I have been working on multiple projects for different aspects of the organization, including work on SAI's Social Fingerprint® Program, research and development of a risk assessment program, and the SA8000 revision.

Additionally, my time here at SAI has been characterized by fervent discussion and education. I have attended a portion of the multitude of conferences and seminars that New York has to offer. This is a rundown of the events I have attended so far:

For more information, please contact Mr. Lamoureaux at  To apply for an internship, visit
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